Cold Jar


While road tripping through Pennsylvania on my way to Eat Retreat, I accidentally spent a day in Harrisburg. My travel pal Jana, in addition to being a beekeeper,milkweed enthusiast, and one of the best humans I’ve ever known, is supernaturally good at finding extremely dope holes in the wall. I’m not quite sure how she does it (google, maybe?) but, while I navigated the Appalachians, she dug in our inadvertent home for the next 24 hours. With basically no internet, she determined which used bookstore was the good one and whether or not we could watch herons at a rookery, booked an AirBnB that was very obviously haunted in the best way possible, and pulled up directions to Little Amps Coffee Roasters

Little Amps is where coffee shops would go to drink coffee if coffee shops were anthropomorphic and, apparently, cannibals. Good without being pretentious. Comfortable without being dingey. Full of actual character instead of artificial kitsch and pinspiration. It was exactly where we needed to be to scheme the rest of our visit and stretch our legs.

Their menu was small, but good. One item stood out. Cold Jar. What the fuck was it? The most best and delicious way to mainline caffeine.

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Plum Cake

2015_08_26_dinnerwasdelicious_lucyhewett_racheladams_sept-002 copy

The radiators in both of our apartments kicked on last night. Fall is almost here. Figured we probably should make a cake to celebrate.

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Miso BBQ Chicken


Nothing goes better with the end of summer than charred meats. But regular-ass BBQ gets old pretty quick. Sure, it’s tangy and nostalgic– it’s just that we’ve been putting it on everything from ribs to fries to sunburn since June. We’re ready for a change. Funky, fermented change.

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Crispy Cabbage with Roasted Green Onion Dressing


Summer dinners aren’t fancy. They’re good with cold beer and require little fussing. They’re less about cooking, and more about stepping aside to let the season’s produce taste its best.
Cabbage, like all cruciferous veggies, is happiest when roasted. So, when one showed up in our CSA, we did just that. And we weren’t disappointed.

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Spite Lettuce vs. Big-Ass Delicious Salads with Blueberry-Avocado Vinaigrette


We talked to the dudes upstairs and there’s no getting around it: part of being a grown-ass adult is eating food that is nourishing.

But it’s so easy to forget that nourishing food can be exciting and weird and novel and tasty. We, instead, turn to sad bowls of compulsory spring greens. Spite Lettuce. Unpleasant salads that we probably eat at our desks while typing things like “please advise” and “ping me asap.”

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Hand Pies with Peach Preserves



“Peach Hand Pie” sound like the punchline to a dirty food pun. Probably is. But it’s also the best thing we’ve eaten this summer.

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New Orleans-y Chicory Popsicles // Popsicle Week!



Perfect fucking angel Billy Green‘s #popsicleweek is upon us– and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Chicago has gone from “lousy smarch weather” to “swamp-ass bowels of hell” overnight. We’re hot. We’re sweaty. And all this heat is making us sleepy. In desperate need of coffee (but tired of that bougie cold brew), we poured our Chemex into popsicle molds and this happened.

It’s your morning caffeine hit in a fucking paleta. You’re. Welcome.

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Short Stack Editions Giveaway! — Family Meal // Tacos with Roasted Corn and Crispy Prosciutto



Wanna win TWO Short Stack Editions of your very own? Share your #FamilyMeal on Instagram and tag us– @EffingDelicious! Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, and notified via social media; yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill <3

In the food world, “family meal” is a time when an entire restaurant gets together and shares a bite to eat. From dishwashers to head chef, everyone gets an equal share (if their ass gets there time). It’s nothing fancy. Usually leftovers and odd bits from kidnapped from the walk-in– but it’s a nourishing ritual that gets the whole gang a minute off their feet to feel like a team. No one’s too good to dig in, and it starts service off on well-fed note.

Family meal is something we’ve instituted on blog cook days, too. It keeps our heads level and blood sugar stable while we crank through a month’s work of prep and photography; it helps us reduce food waste and feed our hungry studio guests; it gives Lucy a chance to show off while I knock out a load of dishes (oooooor check and re-check instagram); it gives us a chance to sit down, tell dumb jokes, gossip, and listen to Biscuits on repeat.

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4th of July Recipes

4th of July BBQ grocery list 4 u <3


Strawberry icebox cake 1

the *new* Dinner was Delicious!


We could not be more excited to reveal the new Dinner was Delicious to you perfect angel biscuits. It’s come a long way since our 2011 default tumblr theme, and we can’t wait for you guys to settle in to our new, cozy home.

So what’s new? For starters, there’s a tidy (sexy) index where you can search, browse, and get inspired to make dinner.

The recipes themselves are way easier to read, copy/paste, and share.

We can make jokes about the “back end,” when we make site updates (e.g. “Hey, Luce, can you stick those photos in the back-end?” hehehe)

Comments! You can wantonly share your opinion on peanut butter blossoms, and tell us how smart and pretty we are  w h e n e v e r  y o u  w a n t .  We’ll be able to connect with you guys in a meaningful way (other than grams and tweets)– and answer recipe questions, too!

And. It’s lovely. So lovely. It feels so good on our eyes (and hopefully yours, too).

Of course. You can’t make shit look this good on your own. So big, fat, garlicky kisses and thanks:

  • Ronny Ewanek for being our WordPress expert. Free biscuits for life, babe-o-rama. He turned a weird, messy migration into this gorgeousness without breaking a sweat. He’s the #1 best and, if you wanna up your blog game, you should totally give him an e-mail.
  • We owe Julie Morelli of Nourishing Notes unlimited babysitting and all the rosé for our fancy new logo. You probably owe yourself one of her dope-ass aprons (and food-pun birthday cards for everyone else).
  • Snaps for Eva Deich, who took our new babely photo. Could we be any cuter? (no.) It’s almost unfair that we got to spend the day with you AND get the gorgeous portraits. We’ll make you runny yolks any time <3
  • Last but not least. Y’all. Cue the cheese balls, but we couldn’t do this blog without you. Thanks for reading, for e-mailing, for bugging us when we go on sabbatical, and reblogging. You’re the reason we write and shoot, and we’re so lucky that you try our food <3