Dinner was Delicious

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Shandies are our favorite beverage for summer drinking. They’re sweet without being syrupy and boozy without impeding your ability to have a normal day after knocking two back at brunch. Even though here in Chicago you usually find a shandy made with beer and lemonade, we’re loyal to the traditional UK recipes that call for citrus sodas. Any light-colored beer will do, as will any citrus soda, but we recommend a wheat beer and pretty much anything but Sprite. To make your own, mix and match your favorites in equal parts directly in a glass, beer first. Garnish with orange and lemon slices, if that’s your thing. We used Hoegaarden with a carbonated lemonade we found at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods brand blood orange Italian soda. It was fucking delicious.


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    mmmm…this looks sooo good!
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    So tasty looking… can anyone weigh in with a non-wheat-beer selection, though? I hate hate HATE esters and most wheat...
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    Shandys are great! Hoegaarden is terrible for them! Don’t make shandys with Hoegaarden! “Any light beer will do” is not...
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